Frequently Asked Questions

When should we start organizing the wedding?

In the most ideal situation, you start planning the wedding 1 to 1.5 years in advance. Is the date on which you want to get married already closer? No problem. Due to the short lines we have with our partners, we have planned your dream wedding in no time.

Why is it useful to hire a weddingplanner?

There is a lot to consider when organizing a wedding. Especially if the wedding is going to take place abroad. A local wedding planner knows where to start, has many contacts and is above all a great point of contact during the entire period surrounding the wedding. In addition, you can also use great partner discounts at By Lin Weddings.

Is a wedding in Italy more expensive than a wedding in the Netherlands?

No. At an Italian wedding it is often the case that the guestlist is more intimate then during a wedding in the own country. This ensures that you pay for fewer guests and therefore you will have a budget left over. The bridal couple often chooses to use this budget and, for example, also offer the accommodation in Italy.

When is the best time to get married around Lake Garda?

The official wedding season runs from May to September. These months are all equally suitable for holding your wedding. Of course we take a good look at what we allow to take place at what time. In July, for example, holding the ceremony during the day is not a good idea due to the warmth. In most of the situations we will do the ceremony in the afternoon during summer season. Beside this we always prepare a backup plan if the weather turns out differently than hoped.

Can we get officially married in Italy?

Certainly! It is absolutely possible to have your official wedding in Italy. However, there are costs associated with this and a lot of paperwork is involved. Of course we help you with every step that needs to be taken in the process.

What are the costs of a weddingplanner?

The cost of a wedding planner varies. This has to do with which services you want to purchase. Do you only want to choose for an inspiration meeting or does By Lin Weddings arrange your wedding in total? We think it is important to discuss all costs several times in advance so that you are not faced with surprises afterwards.