I'm Linsey.
The proud owner of By Lin Weddings.
I would like to tell you more about myself and the origin of my company.

Together with my husband and dog i enjoy travel to different places in our beautiful world. Next to these trips, one holiday is always fixed: Lake Garda - Italy.
We have been coming here several times a year in the same place for 25 years. Here I simply lost my heart.
While planning our own wedding on Lake Garda, i was sure; I have found my passion. I want to keep doing this. Immediately after our honeymoon I chose to start By Lin Weddings.
Now i can work everyday day on your beautiful weddings, marriage proposals, anniversary weekends and other beautiful events. And that in my favorite place; Lake Garda.

Beside my planning work i am always looking for the most beautiful (wedding) venues and I have a lot of contact with my fine supplier partners at home and abroad.
I look forward to hearing your story and making your dream a reality together.
See you soon!

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